Professional Work Experience

October, 2023 – Present

Senior UX Researcher

As a Senior UX Researcher, I proactively proposed user research opportunities to gain insights into a brand new problem statement and the challenges faced in the complete developer experience. I primarily focus on enhancing ‘self-service capabilities’ for infrastructural needs. Throughout the full project lifecycle, I planned research activities, decide on appropriate methods, capture relevant data, analyze results, and effectively communicate findings to stakeholders.

May, 2022 – September, 2023

UX Researcher

Sole UX Researcher at a prominent UI/UX design agency in India, played a crucial role in diverse client projects spanning financial services, aviation, banking, insurance, online shopping, and consumer products. Moreover, served as a UX Research consultant for startups, utilizing short research sprints to deliver valuable insights.

Septemeber, 2021 – April, 2022

UX Designer & Researcher

As a UX designer and researcher, I played a pivotal role in an electoral mobile app project in India. I led the digitization of paper-based processes, designed the app, collaborated with developers, and conducted field studies using qualitative and quantitative methods. I focused on understanding user behaviors and needs, and incorporated accessibility and inclusivity in my research and design solutions.

March, 2020 – Septemeber, 2021

Qualitative Researcher

I led primary research for US healthcare stakeholders, focusing on enrollment status confirmation. I efficiently managed daily volumes through remote methods, setting a standard for meeting turnaround times. I collaborated with managers and experts to assign tasks, train new members, and address client queries, ensuring smooth operations.

Academic Work Experience

July,2017- July,2019

M.Sc. Cognitive Science Graduate

During my post – graduate studies, I conducted two significant research projects aimed at understanding the factors influencing eye movement patterns among individuals diagnosed with Dementia (Project 1) and Depression (Project 2), as well as healthy participants.
In these studies, subjects were exposed to emotion-laden faces and situations as on-screen stimuli. We collected data on physiological phenomena such as heart rate variability, along with eye-tracking parameters like reaction time and fixation duration. The goal was to identify the psychological and physiological differences contributing to the development of these specific eye movement patterns. This research provided valuable insights into the cognitive processes of individuals with Dementia and Depression, potentially informing future strategies.

July, 2014 – May, 2017

B.A Social Sciences Graduate

This was the place where I was introduced to Qualitative and Quantitative research methods and a a love for research that has only grown. I primarily worked on two projects: Ethnographic Study: An experiential learning model that allowed me to explore various cultures, conduct interviews, and apply sociological and psychological theories in real-world contexts. Student Satisfaction Study at TISS-Hyderabad: A comprehensive study that assessed undergraduate students’ satisfaction with campus extracurricular activities, revealing a disparity between expectations and reality among students from diverse backgrounds.

Other Capabilities


Visual Communication

Facilitation Skills