Firstly a big ‘Thank you’ for visiting my website.

And now, let me paint you a true picture of who I am right from the start.

I am pragmatic and straightforward sapien, when it comes to life’s many situations—except when the decisions I make impact others as a UX Researcher. That’s when the weight of responsibility guides my every step.

I’m always curious and love to learn. Whether it’s the intricate dance of user behavior or the subtle art of interface design, I dive deep, making meticulous notes that later become the foundation of my insights.

For instance, while observing users interact with a mobile app, I not only document their actions but also their hesitations, their sighs of relief at finding what they were looking for, and their frowns of confusion. These notes are not just observations; they are stories waiting to be told.

In another example, during a field study, I found myself in the bustling narrow streets of Mahabubnagar district in Telangana, watching and learning how digital nomads interact with technology on the go. The way their eyes darted between screens and surroundings, the way their fingers danced across touchpads—all these nuances contribute to a richer understanding of the user experience.

My approach to storytelling is akin to Realism; I strive to portray life accurately and honestly without sugar coating or romanticizing the details. This style allows me to present UX research findings in a way that resonates with reality, ensuring that the solutions we design are not just beautiful but truly functional and user-centric.

As a seasoned UX Researcher with over four years of experience, I am passionate about harnessing data-driven insights to enhance user experiences. My journey has been one of continuous learning, from the classrooms of academia where I honed my craft to the dynamic world of tech startups where theory meets practice.

So, as you navigate through my portfolio, know that each project is a chapter in an ongoing story of discovery—one where empathy meets analysis, and where every click and swipe tells us something profound about our collective human experience.

“Welcome to my world—a place where curiosity meets creativity and where every user’s story is worth telling.”